“In 2008 I offered grants up to $25,000 to everyday citizens to spend in their own communities. Just look at how much they did that will benefit their communities and neighborhoods for years to come.” – Jenny Jones


Travis Wiersma

His Gift: $25,000 in NURSING EQUIPMENT to MATC Nursing Program in Sun Prairie, WI. (2/08/2008)

Teddy Robinette
Retired Coal Miner

His Gift: $20,000 in FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT for volunteers in Turkey Creek, KY. (2/15/2008)

Daniel Buglio
Police Officer

His Gift: $25,000 in a new COMPUTER LAB for the public library in Allentown, PA. (2/26/2008)

Bakery Manager

Her Gift: $25,000 in toys, games & med. supplies to CHILDRENS HOSPITAL, Los Angeles. (2/29/2008)

Stacie Knight
Financial Counselor

Her Gift: $7,000 in girls' fast pitch SOFTBALL EQUIPMENT in Gainesville, FL. (3/14/2008)

Ann Clouse
Hotel Inspector

Her Gift: $10,000 for a new community BASKETBALL COURT in Ann Arbor, MI. (3/14/2008)

Joyce Johnson
High School Teacher

Her Gift: $12,000 in FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT for Little League in Louisville, KY. (3/14/2008)

Christy Witcher
Office Manager

Her Gift: $7,000 in WRESTLING EQUIPMENT for a high school in Suffolk, VA. (3/14/2008)

Lani McLane

Her Gift: $25,000 in FREE DENTAL SEALANT for 1,000 children in Bozeman, MT. (3/31/2008)

Susan Lilly
Director of Drop-In Center

Her Gift: $3,000 in a new REFRIGERATOR for the center in Lancaster, PA. (4/04/2008)

Beverly Warriax

Her Gift: $2,000 in CHURCH CHOIR ROBES for her church in Maxton, NC. (4/04/2008)

Alana Butts
Legal Assistant

Her Gift: $5,000 in COMPUTERS & ART SUPPLIES for her church in Baltimore, MD. (4/04/2008)

Debbie Stikeleather

Her Gift: $3,000 in NEW BOOKS for her high school students in Anaheim, CA. (4/04/2008)

Lorri Williams
City Clerk

Her Gift: $25,000 to build a PLAYGROUND in memory of slain deputy in Landusky, MT. (4/18/2008)

Jeannette Batton
CHP Officer

Her Gift: $25,000 SECURITY FENCE for battered women's shelter, Perris, CA. (4/29/2008)

Julie Alston
Social Worker

Her Gift: $25,000 in FURNITURE for homeless veterans shelter in Charleston WV. (5/08/2008)

Eric Deke
Mail Carrier

His Gift: $25,000 in TOYS & GAMES for Children's Hospital in Buckner, MO. (5/21/2008)

John McBride

His Gift: $20,000 in new PRO-RACING BIKES for at risk boys in Yuma, AZ. (6/09/2008)

Shelly Lane

Her Gift: $25,000 in CHILDREN'S LIBRARY MAKEOVER in Lumberton, NC. (6/19/2008)

Tony Blue
New Car Sales

His Gift: $25,000 in FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT for inner city kids in Detroit MI. (6/30/2008)

Sarah Miller
Children's Advocate

Her Gift: $6,000 in a NEW PLAYGROUND for a domestic violence shelter in Covington, GA (7/09/2008)

Billy Phillips
CPO, U.S. Navy

His Gift: $5,000 in new BASEBALL EQUIPMENT for 1,000 kids in Virginia Beach, VA. (7/09/2008)

Robyn Gerell
Fire Dept. Administrator

Her Gift: $10,000 in JAWS OF LIFE for Volunteer Fire Dept. in Wolf Creek, OR. (7/10/2008)

Shella Miller
Dept. Director

Her Gift: $6,000 in new APPLIANCES & FURNITURE in home for disabled, Newark, OH. (7/10/2008)

Jean Jurek
Registered Nurse

Her Gift: $25,000 in NURSING EQUIPMENT for training at college in Coon Rapids, MN. (7/25/2008)

Sister Marisa Ducote

Her Gift: $25,000 in 40 CLASSROOM PROJECTORS for her high school in Miami, FL. (8/04/2008)

Teresa Smedley

Her Gift: $25,000 in COMPETITIVE SWIMMING EQUIPMENT for schools in Salem, IN. (8/12/2008)

Ben Pacht
Special Ed Teacher

His Gift: $25,000 in SOCCER EQUIPMENT for middle school league in Las Vegas, NV. (8/26/2008)

Jo Beth Reeves
Head Start Teacher

Her Gift: $3,000 in NEW BOOKS for low income children in Kilgore, TX. (9/08/2008)

T.K. Cassidy-Fleming

Her Gift: $19,000 ELECTRONIC SCHOOL SIGN for elementary school in Dalton, GA. (9/09/2008)

Karla Wingard
Office Manager

Her Gift: $25,000 in COMPUTERS, MUSIC & SPORTS EQUIP. in Rising City, NE. (9/10/2008)

Nina Markle
Music Teacher

Her Gift: $6,000 PIANO LAB for performing arts academy in Middletown, OH. (9/15/2008)

Susan Cha
Human Resources Manager

Her Gift: $15,000 in FIRST AID SUPPLIES for school district in Wilmington, DE. (9/17/2008)

Roger Nott
Special Ed Teacher

His Gift: $10,000 in SENSORY DEVELOPMENT TOOLS for school in Logan, OH. (9/18/2008)

Jennifer Roesch

Her Gift: $25,000 in MOBILE COMPUTER LAB for school in Warren, MI. (9/19/2008)

Robert Delbeke
Retired Engineer

His Gift: $13,000 in SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES for tech program in Livonia, MI. (9/20/2008)

Julia Roberts Boggess
School Librarian

Her Gift: $8,000 in NEW BOOKS for elemantary school in Mt. Juliet, TN. (9/22/2008)

Marcos Mendoza
Music Teacher

His Gift: $20,000 in NEW INSTRUMENTS for school jazz band in Northridge, CA. (9/23/2008)

Dr. Andre Peltier
Science Teacher

His Gift: $6,000 in HIGH TECH ROBOTS for public schools in Chesapeake, VA. (9/25/2008)

Lisa Oliver
Language Arts Teacher

Her Gift: $25,000 in CEILING MOUNTED PROJECTORS for school in Butler, GA. (9/26/2008)

Bobbie Matheney
Children's Librarian

Her Gift: $25,000 in NEW FUNITURE & COMPUTERS for 7 school libraries in Merigold, MS. (9/29/2008)

Jackie Miller
Medical Assistant

Her Gift: $25,000 in NEW COMPUTER LAB for high school in Oneonta, AL. (9/30/2008)

Diane D’Errico

Her Gift: $9,000 in WINTER COATS & SCHOOL SUPPLIES for kids at shelter in Warwick, RI. (10/02/2008)

Hector Martinez
PE Teacher

His Gift: $15,000 in CUSTOM CLIMBING WALL for school in Independence, OR. (10/06/2008)

Russ Stewart
Maintenance Supervisor

His Gift: $25,000 in ON-SITE MOVIE THEATER for nursing home in St. Marys, KS. (10/14/2008)

Suzanne MacDonald

Her Gift: $20,000 in NEW RUNNING TRACK AT WOMEN'S PRISON in Topeka, KS. (10/30/2008)

Shawn Worker
Hotel Houseman

His Gift: $25,000 in UPGRADES AT LOCAL GYM in Washingtonville, NY. (11/18/2008)

Welton Locklear
Disabled Veteran

His Gift: $17,000 in WHEELCHAIRS for team in Pembroke, NC. (12/06/2008)

Wakithea Tucker
Medical Biller

Her Gift: $100,000 in CHRISTMAS GIFTS for 350 kids in public housing in Brooklyn, NY. (12/12/2008)

Jamie Green
Police Officer

Her Gift: $1,000 in BINOCULARS for police department in Kuttawa, KY. (1/13/2009)

Rabbi Merrill Shapiro
Congregational Rabbi

His Gift: $3,000 in COMPUTER/PRINTER for shelter in Palm Coast, FL. (1/16/2009)

Dee Wild
K-9 Search & Rescue

Her Gift: $7,000 in HAM RADIOS for volunteer K-9 handlers in Lacombe, LA. (1/28/2009)

Maria Girouard
Cultural Preservation DIr.

Her Gift: $15,000 in OFFICE SUPPLIES for Penobscot Cultural Center in Indian Island, ME. (2/13/2009)

Nancy Bertels

Her Gift: $2,000 in LEGOS & FURNITURE for public library in Sutton, AK. (2/25/2009)

Milton Johnson
Astronomy Teacher

His Gift: $10,000 in NEW TELESCOPES for high school astronomy club in Phoenix, AZ. (3/03/2009)

Jolene Constance
Assistant Warden

Her Gift: $25,000 for 20,000 BOOKS for prison literacy program in DeQuincy, LA. (3/11/2009)

Joshua Sindel
Substitute Teacher

His Gift: $1,000 in STILTS for afterschool activities for kids in Eugene, OR. (3/13/2009)

James Backus
Chief Deputy Sheriff

His Gift: $19,000 in SAFETY VESTS & FLARES for first responders in Greenwood, WI. (3/19/2009)

Sarah-Ann Woodfield
Administrative Assistant

Her Gift: $2,000 in SIGNS & BANNERS at clothing facility for needy families in Brier, WA. (3/25/2009)

Susan Edwards
Services Coordinator

Her Gift: $10,000 in NEW COMPUTERS for free learning center in Texarkana, AR. (4/02/2009)

Paula Morrison
Registered Nurse

Her Gift: $10,000 in a DEBRIS BOOM to clean the Merrimack River in Salem, NH. (4/09/2009)

Richard Robertson
Police Chief

His Gift: $25,000 in a NEW POLICE CAR for the Police Department in Ludowici, GA. (4/22/2009)

Amelia de Landa

Her Gift: $5,000 in an ULTRASOUND MACHINE for a free clinic in Chicago, IL. (5/06/2009)

Mike Powell
Guidance Counselor

His Gift: $7,000 in GREENHOUSES for students in Great Barrington, MA. (5/20/2009)

Danielle Neble

Her Gift: $25,000 in a NEW PLAYGROUND for the entire population (1,300) of Ringling, OK. (6/10/2009)

Kristie Mahar-Ortiz
Special Ed Teacher

Her Gift: $1,000 in SEWING SUPPLIES for mentally ill to make coping pillows in Hopkins, MN. (6/12/2009)

Laura Kallus
Gang Intervention

Her Gift: $25,000 in SILK SCREENING EQUIP. to create jobs & quit gangs in Miami, FL. (6/24/2009)

Hugh Anderson
Police Lieutenant

His Gift: $6,000 in a NARCOTICS TRACKING DOG for department in Charles City, IA. (7/16/2009)

Rita Radley
Civic Volunteer

Her Gift: $5,000 in COMPUTERS & PRINTERS for senior center in El Campo, TX. (8/13/2009)

Karen Morris
Retired Casino Worker

Her Gift: $12,000 for 7,000 RUBBER DUCKS for cancer fundraiser in Bullhead City, AZ. (8/27/2009)

Susie Marks
Sr. VP Chamber of Comm.

Her Gift: $7,000 in VOLLEYBALL EQUIPMENT for girls team in Little Rock, AR. (10/22/2009)

Erik Walsh
Environmental Educator

His Gift: $2,000 in TWO-WAY RADIOS for safety when teaching outdoors in Beulah, CO. (10/28/2009)

Sherry Marousek

Her Gift: $10,000 in a GREENHOUSE for Eskimo children in Quinhagak, AK. (11/19/2009)

Cristan Williams
Transgender Fndtn Director

Her Gift: $5,000 in TRANSGENDER BOOKS for library archive in Houston, TX. (12/07/2009)

Shelly Bohl
Office Assistant

Her Gift: $6,000 in a TEEN MAZE for family crisis center in Upham, ND. (1/07/2010)

Alisha Obando
School Nurse

Her Gift: $6,000 in 3 AEDs for school district in American Falls, ID. (1/20/2010)

Kimm Cooney
Child & Family Therapist

Her Gift: $2,000 in WRISTBANDS & TIMERS for fitness walks in Skowhegan, ME. (2/20/2010)

Sauuda Y. Eshé
Case Manager

Her Gift: $5,000 in AFRICAN DRUMS to help mentor youth in Rocky Mount, NC. (3/10/2010)

Donelle Boyer
Children's Librarian

Her Gift: $2,000 in FISHING GEAR for fishing theme reading in Hardin, MT. (4/07/2010)

Larry Kim
College Student

His Gift: $1,000 in TECHNOLOGY for a mobile library in Harrisonburg, VA. (4/28/2010)

John Baer
Retired Airline Pilot

His Gift: $4,000 in MUSIC INSRUMENTS for kids' mobile music van in Arroyo Grande, CA. (6/16/2010)

Kathleen Fawcett
Law Clerk

Her Gift: $10,000 in SIX FLAGS FIELD TRIP and more for homeless kids in Wash., DC. (7/08/2010)

Brigette Williams
Wildlife Rehabilitator

Her Gift: $12,000 in CAGES for a wildlife rescue facility in Goshen, KY. (7/28/2010)

Karen Orton
9-1-1 Dispatcher

Her Gift: $10,000 in SIX AEDs for area schools & venues in Cedar City, UT. (9/02/2010)

Joyce Houlihan

Her Gift: $2,000 to BRING LOCAL SCIENTISTS to teach 3rd graders in Las Cruces, NM. (9/23/2010)

Kathy Reynolds
Science Teacher

Her Gift: $5,000 in MOSAIC SUPPLIES for mural along river in Northidge, CA. (10/14/2010)

Ashley Genovese
Foster Parent

Her Gift: $2,000 in CLOTHING & MORE for kids entering foster care in Greer, SC. (10/21/2010)

Trent Roberts
Volunteer Firefighter

His Gift: $1,000 in TELESCOPING SAW for safety in Johnstown, PA. (11/19/2010)

Marquita Parker
Publishing Project

Her Gift: $3,000 in BATONS & COSTUMES for baton twirling team in St. Louis, MO. (12/01/2010)

Jon Edwards

His Gift: $25,000 in AEDs for Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in McLaughlin, SD. (1/13/2011)

Kyung (Kevin) Chung
School Counselor

His Gift: $1,000 in ANTI-BULLYING MATERIALS to benefit 500 students in Brighton, MI. (2/10/2011)

Nicole Prieto
Stay At Home Mom

Her Gift: $2,000 in YARN & FABRIC for volunteers to make comfort items in Riverside, CA. (3/23/2011)

Susan Nilson
City Planning

Her Gift: $2,000 in 15 CAMPING TENTS for Boy Scout Troop in Minot, ND. (3/28/2011)

Christine Schroeder

Her Gift: $3,000 in UNIFORMS for Emergency Squad wrokers in Burlington, NJ. (5/26/2011)

Francis Mancho
High School Senior

His Gift: $3,000 in COMPUTERS for disabled kids in Budd Lake, NJ. (6/16/2011)

Buckey Walters
Campus Security Dir.

His Gift: $25,000 in a NEW PATROL VEHICLE for Gillette College in Gillette WY. (8/03/2011)

Lesa Tourville
Office Manager

Her Gift: $1,000 in SOCCER UNIFORMS for after school sports in Grande Isle, VT. (8/22/2011)

Julie Gillett

Her Gift: $10,000 in COMPUTERS & CAMERAS for elementary school in Hartford, CT. (9/07/2011)

Kehaulani Costa
Office Administrator

Her Gift: $5,000 in 30 UKULELES for students to learn culture in Keaau, HI (9/15/2011)